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Abstract Submission Deadline: March 13, 2015

Author Notification of Acceptance: March 25, 2015

Oral and Poster Presenter Registration Deadline: April 15, 2015


Dear Colleagues,

We welcome all colleagues to submit abstracts fitting the topics of this year’s ‘Metabolic Medicine in Motion’ Symposium:

  • Neuro-metabolic Movement Disorders
  • Endosomal Trafficking and Recycling in Health & Genetic Disease
  • Transition From the Pediatric to the Adult Metabolic Clinic
  • New Diseases, Emerging Therapies, More Evidence

We especially encourage students and trainees in any related discipline—both clinical and research—to submit abstracts for platform and/or poster presentation. Garrod Trainee Travel Awards—covering the expenses of the travel, hotel and registration—will be granted to five outstanding applicants. Furthermore during the Symposium, a Poster and Oral presentation prize of $250 will be awarded.

General Instructions:

Abstracts must be submitted online according the below guidelines.

Abstracts will be peer-reviewed for scientific quality and merit according to pre-defined criteria by the Scientific Committee. All abstracts are considered for poster presentations and as many as meet as meet the criteria and program capacity, will be selected for platform presentation.

There is a no limit on the number of abstracts registrants may submit. However, multiple abstracts must differ sufficiently to warrant separate presentations. Submission of multiple abstracts with similar content may result in the rejection of one or more of the abstracts.

Accepted abstracts are published in meeting-related materials. Abstract data must not have been previously published in a copyrighted journal.

All submitting authors with accepted abstracts are be expected to attend the Symposium and Poster Walk in person, and ensure that their platform and/or poster presentation meets the guidelines.


Abstracts will be automatically rejected if they do not meet the following criteria:


Use sentence case (capitalize first word and remaining words begin in lower case). Provide a succinct title. Ideally, the title should contain a reference to the study design.


Include the authors and affiliations at the start of the body of the abstract in the following style:

  • First Name, space, Middle Initial(s), period, space, Surname, space, Degree, comma, space, followed by next author in same format.
  • Underline the name of the presenting author.
  • Indicate all affiliations with a lower-case superscript letter immediately after the author’s name and in front of the appropriate address.

For example:

Anne L. Smitha, Robert G. Davisa,b
aGenetics, Metabolism and Pediatrics, University of Toronto, Toronto, ON
bDepartment of Medical Genetics, University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton, AB


Bold and Indented. Indent all paragraphs


Times New Roman or Arial (Size 10)


250 words (not including title, authors and affiliations, keywords)


Not permitted.

Structured format

Objectives: / Design and Methods: / Results: / Conclusions


Maximum of 5.

Funding Acknowledgement (if required)

Granting Agency and Number (e.g. Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation 2012-017)

Abstract Submission Process

  1. Writing must be concise, clear, and grammatically correct.
  2. Technical information pertaining to observations and conclusions cannot be withheld for proprietary reasons. It is not acceptable to state that “results will be discussed”.
  3. Font is to be in Times New Roman or Arial, size 10pt.
  4. Do not use hard returns to break lines within a paragraph – allow the submission program to break lines appropriately.
  5. The abstract paragraph cannot exceed 250 words and is to be written in single-space. Tables and figures are not permitted. Special characters should instead be written out, for example micromol/L instead of μmol/L.
  6. All abbreviations should be defined when first used.
  7. If used, references should be given in parentheses without authors or title by provided Index-Medicus-listed Journal abbreviations without punctuation followed by year, volume number and inclusive page numbers. (Example: Clin Biochem 2002;35:151-169).
  8. All presenting authors must register for the conference and pay the registration fees in order to qualify for oral/poster presentation and abstract publication. Abstracts of attendees that are not present at the conference will not be published. If registration information has not been sent to you and is required, please contact:
    Garrod Symposium 2015
    4 Cataraqui Street, Suite 310
    Kingston, ON K7K 1Z7
    Phone: 613-531-9210
    Email: info@garrodsymposium.com

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Any questions regarding abstract submission can be directed to:
Garrod Symposium 2015
4 Cataraqui Street, Suite 310
Kingston, ON K7K 1Z7
Phone: 613-531-9210
Email: info@garrodsymposium.com

DEADLINE: Abstracts must be received by March 13, 2015.


Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection via email by March 25, 2015. The presenter’s registration form and fee for registration must be received no later than April 15, 2015 to qualify for presentation.

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